SessionsCost of Sessions

We are a charity and therefore organise a lot of fund-raising to cover the cost of running the facility and also fund improvements.

A donation is appreciated for your riding sessions, usually £5.00 for pre-school children and £10.00 for all other riders.

However we are happy to help anyone genuinely unable to contribute.

Centre Opening Times
Monday                2pm – 6pm
Wednesday         10am – 4pm
Thursday             10am – 4pm and 6pm – 8pm
Saturday                9am – 12pm
Or by private arrangement.

Individual Sessions
Individual sessions are organised when we feel that a rider would find individual attention more beneficial, or when group sessions are not suitable. Individual sessions are also offered to those riders preparing to enter competitions.

Group / School Sessions
For those in mainstream education with Special Educational Needs, these sessions can replace PE lessons and are therefore accepted as part of the National Curriculum. Riding-therapy sessions provide a highly motivating physical or occupational therapy, using a horse as a stimulus.

Riding Sessions
Comprising of groups of up to 6 riders, learning how to ride and enjoying the benefits of our equine friends.

Rides Out
Using the freedom of a horse we ride out into the countryside and enjoy the fresh air.

Stable Management
Where appropriate, riders will learn about the care and management of the horse, and what is required to them to enjoy a happy life!

The opportunity to compete is available to our riders, both at National and local events.

Work Placement
The group offers work experience for those who need our facilities – or just have an interest in our work.

Therapeutic Work
We offer work placements for those on rehabilitation programs, as part of their road back to employment.