Erme RDA Newsletter

January 2018


First of all I would like to wish all of our riders and helpers a Happy New Year and I hope that everyone had a relaxing festive period. Thank you to all those who gave Christmas cards and gifts – we are very grateful. Our thoughts are with those helpers and riders who have not been well over the Christmas period and we wish them a speedy recovery.

The horses have had a nice Christmas break despite the poor weather; they have enjoyed lots of hacking out and some much deserved down-time. On New Year’s Day, Merlin and Charlie enjoyed a blustery morning on Bigbury Beach with some of our work-experience students. Sparky is now much better after several weeks of rest and the majority of the horses are now clipped and fitted with warmer rugs for the latter half of the winter.

Please continue to purchase our Erme Valley 2018 calendars which are £8 each. Our nearly new stall raises quite a lot of funds over the course of the year. If you have any ‘nearly-new’ items please bring them in.

Update on recent fundraisers – Zoe Walters organised a very successful Christmas Ball on November 24th which raised approximately £700. We hosted the Unicorn Mile fundraiser the day after which was a huge success and raised approximately £2,500 and our Christmas raffle raised £150 this year. We also had a great trip to the London Olympia Horse Show this year on December 18th. We have also received and grant for uniform for £400 from a local company BD (via Ian Smith)

We are also looking for sponsorship for Sian Holway who is cycling the East Coast of Australia for us at the end of this year.

This time of year we think about trying to encourage local clubs and organisations to support us for the upcoming year to help with the running of the group. Please spread the word, speak to any local businesses, groups or clubs who may be able to support us in some way.

Our work experience students benefitted greatly last term from a course of equine assisted therapy with Sue Blagburn as well as a first aid course taught by Medi-K, and funded by the Co-operative Funeral Care grant we received last year. This term we will continue to work on life skills, education. We will be doing a Makaton course and we hope to find a trainer who can offer some internet safety guidelines. We now have ten work experience pupils, some are at the Brook one morning per week, some one day per week and some three days per week. Any volunteers willing to help our riders in this way would be really welcome to come along on a Monday morning 10am-2pm.

Just a gentle reminder for all riders and helpers to familiarise themselves with the yard safety guidelines including signing in on arrival, no-smoking, driver speed limit, and a general awareness of animals and our clients around the yard. In addition, there is no unauthorised access to the office and all riders and all parents/carers are requested to wait in the viewing gallery during riding. We have to inform all participants that the venue is protected by 24 hour CCTV cameras.

As you are aware, last term, we employed a professional videographer to produce a new promotional video for the group which we are looking forward to seeing in the finished product.

Several coaches have been upgraded and two more coaches have now been issued with log books. This is an essential part of our team coaching technique. I believe encouraging more people to assist in coaching individual tuition gives greater opportunity for personal growth and individual progression in riding. We always encourage volunteers to get actively involved and you yourselves may have a skill or passion to offer our group – thinking beyond the box of just riding but improving lives on the whole. Please let us know.

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