Erme RDA Newsletter

October 2017


Not a great amount of news this month, everyone back to work, most horses settled and doing well. Archie still not quite happy in his job. All our riders are returning slowly, particularly good to see George Koshti-Richman well enough to come again. Welcome to any new riders and helpers.


Our booklets for 2017 are in the office, please purchase one and show your friends. it gives everyone a glimpse of what we have achieved this year. We will be selling calendars this year, so save your pennies.

Olympia Trip

Please pay some money when you can. The final payment will be due at the beginning of December. We do have some places available if you are interested before I ask outsiders.


  • The 100 Club has been a little slow this year, please do your best to support.
  • Unicorn Fun Raiser – Please let us know if you would like to take part. 1 mile any activity you like – all can take part. I will hold an event in the school in November if anyone is short of ideas.
  • Masonic Charity Trust have given us £4000 which has been set aside to upgrade Jack, the Mechanical horse.


Road Closures

There are road closures for the following 4 weeks. Please follow the diversion signs or ring.

Group review

On October the 10th there will be a group review by an external assessor instead of me. Coaches please get your log books up to date and leave them in the office. Thank you.

Weekend Sessions

Saturday and Sunday morning sessions only run if there is no other commitment. Please continue to check weekly.